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1. For Cluster search

 As an atlas tool, users can click on legend or color plot for each cluster.

Example results for cluster search:

2. For Locus search

 Users can choose rice genomes (i.e. Nip or 93-11), input "locus" (e.g. LOC_Os10g07270) and then click on the "Search" label, you can search violin plot, UMAP plot, and t-SNE plot, and gene expression profile by scRNA-seq, and sequence information to eRice (http://www.elabcaas.cn/rice/index.html). 

Example results for locus search:

3. For Genome JBrowse

 In the Genome JBrowse page, users can choose different cluster tracks to obtain genes on the selected region of genome. Example results for locus search: 


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